Nu Colour POWERlips™ Fluid Metallic Potential


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  • 97001575 POWERlips Fluid Matte Breadwinner
  • 97001571 POWERlips Fluid Matte Confidence
  • 97001573 POWERlips Fluid Matte Determined
  • 97001574 POWERlips Fluid Matte Maven
  • 97001572 POWERlips Fluid Matte Persistence
  • 97001582 POWERlips Fluid Matte Reign
  • 97001579 POWERlips Fluid Matte Roar
  • 97001580 POWERlips Fluid Metalic Ruler
  • 97001581 POWERlips Fluid Metalic Promotion
  • 97001576 POWERlips Fluid Matte Explore
  • 97001577 POWERlips Fluid Matte Fearless
  • 97001578 POWERlips Fluid Matte Unbreakable
  • 97000851 POWERlips Fluid Metalic Potential
  • 97000853 POWERlips Fluid Metalic Ambition
  • 97000854 POWERlips Fluid Metalic Noble
  • 97000849 POWERlips Fluid Metalic Perfection
  • 97000852 POWERlips Fluid Matte Bravery
  • 97000850 POWERLips Fluid Matte Unleash
Powerful, intense, longwearing colour.

It’s no less than powerful women deserve, and it’s no less than they’ll get from Powerlips Fluid. In one easy step, you’ll find look-defining colour fit for any outfit, time or place. Crafting our liquid lipstick with ingredients like avocado oil and vitamin E means your lips won’t just look stunning – they’ll stay comfortably soft, as well.

With 18 matte and metallic tones to choose from there’s a shade for every woman to rock her look and rock the world. Seriously powerful. Simply wow. Powerlips Fluid.


Start on bare lips. Line them slightly with the applicator then fill lips in completely.Tip: For a smooth appearance, prepare your lips first by using a moisturising lip balm. Wait until it’s dry before applying lipsticks.



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